High Quality and Reliable Lead-Free Wave Soldering !!!

We know good about “E-THERM”!!!

Till now, 500+ E-therm Wave Soldering has been installed worldwidely!

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Latest RW series lead free wave soldering

  • Fully Titanium Dual Wave Nozzles.
  • Flux Recovery System.
  • Long lifetime and Good heat uniformity of solder pot.
  • Special design to implement less solder residue generated.
  • Patented design of impeller & channel for improving soldering wave stability.
  • Convenience for maintenance.
  • Segmented transport rail design ,60kg rail transport capacity.
  • Modularize preheating system: Drawer type structure.
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Cost saved by better utilization

● The oxidation reducing cover effectively control the wave flowing speed, lower the falling height and eliminate oxide.

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  • Solder Dross Separator SDS-10MS

    ● The solder dross separator SDS-10MS has a patented mixing and separation system which make separation more efficient which make separation...

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