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Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine

DWS-200 is a desktop compact wave soldering machine with CE certification. Independent speed control of flux, preheating and wave soldering. Preheating delay time function. Chain conveyor system for soldering with pallet. Foam spray system. Infrared panel for preheating. Stainless steel dual wave nozzles. Stainless steel solder pot with 50kg capacity only. Titanium dual wave nozzles & solder pot (Option).

● PLC and touch screen controlling system.

● Foam spray system.

● A single bottom preheating zone with IR panel.

● Titanium dual wave nozzles & solder pot.

● Chain conveyor system for soldering with pallet.

● The maximum width of PCB: 200mm.

● Dimension:1300(L)*580(W)* 730(H).

Features of DWS-200 Desktop Wave Soldering Machine

● DWS-200 can be adjusted the speed independently, It means operator can set flux and preheating speed different than wave soldering process to simulate large-scale wave soldering production.

● Preheating time can be defined , DWS-200 can set the preheating delay time to ensure PCB 100% preheating as standard wave soldering machine.

● Preheating zone equipped with infrared heating panel and PID controlled heating system. Preheating temperature and pallet stop time above preheating zone can be set.

● More economical solder pot capacity, maximum 70kg.

● PLC and touch screen system makes the operation much easier . Can setting/saving/modify temperature , speed, preheating time etc on the screen.

● Foam fluxing. It is composed of foamed pipe, compressed air control valve and flux tank. Easy & robust.

● Included dual wave nozzles, both wave heights are all controlled by stepper motor. Operator can change the height directly by the touchscreen.

● The standard configuration of solder pot and wave nozzles is titanium.

● Chain transport system, PCB is carrying by pallet.

● Fans cooling system.

DWS-200 Desktop Wave Soldering Machine Specifications

Model DWS-200
PCB width 50-200MM
Soldering mode Pallet ( PCB size 50*50-200*200MM)
Solder volume 70kg
Net weight 90kg
Operation mode touch screen+ PLC
Transport speed 0.3M-0.9M/min
Flux tank capacity 2L
PCB transfer direction from left to right
Spraying mode foam type
Preheating zone one separately bottom preheating zone
Preheating power 1.8 KW / part
Preheating temperature room temperature~260℃
Solder pot materials Titanium(Standard)
Solder pot heater heating tube
Heater power 1.2KW*2PCS
Solder pot temperature room temperature~320℃
Wave quantity Dual wave
Max. wave height 8mm
Top Clearance 40mm
Solder pot heating-up time 80 mins
Solder pot lift manually
Solder pot in and out manually
Total power 4.5KW
Air supply 3-5BAR
Power supply single phase 220V 50HZ

DWS-200 Desktop Wave Soldering Machine including

● One sparately bottom preheating zone.

● One sparately bottom cooling zone.

● Stainless solder pot and dual wave nozzles.

● Single rail chain transportation system.

● Touch screen panel.

● Dimensions:1300(L)* 580(W)* 730(H).

● Weight:90KG.